Monday, September 15, 2014

Reverth Announces Crowdfunding Campaign to Launch Lineable an Innovative Wearable Tracking Beacon for Children

Being a parent or caregiver of a child is a great responsibility. With child safety at the forefront of so many minds, tech startup Reverth has recently announced the start of an Indiegogo crowdfunding to bring Lineable to market, a wearable tracking beacon that could save many children's lives.  Innovative and inexpensive, interest in Lineable is very high among both parents and tech enthusiasts who see the great potential in what the new device offers.

Most people would agree one of the most frightening things to experience is to not be able to locate a child.  With the frightening possibilities of what could quickly occur, and the importance that police stress on needing to quickly recover a child who has been taken against their will, there is a huge need for a way to be able to reliably track children and find them quickly and efficiently.  Fortunately, there's a new inexpensive device on the horizon that can reliably answer these concerns, Lineable from the startup company Reverth.  Reverth has turned to Indiegogo to raise the funds to bring Lineable, their wearable tracking beacon for children to market, and the interest in the inexpensive wristband is skyrocketing.

Every year about 79 thousand children are missing just in the United States,” commented a spokesperson from Reverth.  “Our Lineable team wanted to encourage the awareness of the importance of protecting children. We had put forward our absolute best effort to make Lineable affordable to everyone. $5 is our final price, and I am glad we could come up with a great design and highly functional product, for only $5.
According to the company, a great emphasis has been placed on making the device fit into a child's daily routine without being intrusive, and also to be as easy to conceal as possible from an assailant.  This goal was accomplished elegantly by making Lineable appear just like any other silicone wristband.  While this means the battery cannot be changed, it also means it much less likely to be discovered and it's also water and dust proof.

The beacon operates via a concealed Bluetooth 4.0 enabled module. There's no monthly fee associated with Lineable, after the $5 price of the wristband customers can be assured there's no hidden charges.  On average the device's battery lasts a full year, making Lineable an astonishingly good value even for parents on very tight budgets.

The Indiegogo campaign has set a goal of $30,000 to bring the beacon to market.

Lineable can be used among Android Phone and iPhone – even with the new iPhone 6. Both Reverth and Lineable have become hot topics of conversation among both parents and tech enthusiasts who have learned about the project.

Emily P., a lifestyle blogger from Boston, recently remarked, “This is an Indiegogo that immediately grabbed my attention.  I'm planning on buying wristbands for all four of my nieces and nephews.  For the price how could you not?  Reverth seems like a really great company for offering a product like this that could save young lives and keep families together.”

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Friday, September 5, 2014

Cool Free Coloring Book from the American Children's Cancer Association

American Children's Cancer Association (ACCA) just created and released a fun, free recipe & coloring book, for parents and kids, immediately downloadable from their website.

Children will enjoy coloring the veggie and fruit cartoons, and parents will like how easy the recipes are to make (and that their kids will eat the result)!

The cancer-preventing foods used in the recipes include:

Grapes (they suggest you buy these as organic, as grapes re especially pesticide-laden).
...and more.

Parents are always looking for constructive, but enjoyable, things to do with their kids, and this fun, educational, and yummy activity is a great thing to add to the list.

ACCA (aka Give2Kids) mission is to provide education to families with kids with cancer about the most effective, and safest, alternative treatments -- and how to find them.They are a nonprofit charity,

As part of that effort, they have created this fun book. They also provide timely health information, and other cancer treatment-related news, on their blog.

Their download link for the recipe/coloring book is at the top center of the Give2Kids page.  If you (or someone you know) have a vehicle (car, truck, boat, etc.) to donate, please do so! They accept donations in NY, NJ or anywhere else in the U.S. (and offer a $200 VISA Gift card as a thank you gift, plus a free vacation voucher to all donators). Keep in mind that there is a tax benefit in donating your car, as well.

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Les Tout Petits' Designer Kids Clothes Hand-Selected by Star Spangled Carousel

Despite the French sounding name, Les Tout Petit is an all American designer that has been producing trend setting fashions that are completely made in the good ole USA and have been for over 25 years.  This fact means that you are certainly getting the highest level of quality.  But don’t be fooled, there’s more to this clothing line than just quality.  It also certainly lives up to its haute couture sounding name. 
Les Tout Petit gained significant notoriety after Sasha Obama wore founder Lois Letzt’s colorful peacock mosaic dress to the “Kids’ Inaugural: We Are the Future” concert.  As a former fashion editor for Seventeen magazine, it isn’t really a surprise that her children’s clothing designs are on the cutting edge of style.  And in recent years, her styles have been featured in celebrity magazines, major motion pictures, and television shows in addition to having been worn by a number of celebrity children.
Although being on par with high fashion, Les Tout Petit has something to offer for just about any occasion.  While we do feature a rather large variety of items from this designer, Star Spangled Carousel’s collection is designed to simplify the process for you.  While having options for all types of weather and events, our collection of girls designer fashions from Les Tout Petit only contains the most unique and fashion forward garments.  So you know that no matter what you pick, your daughter is sure to look posh.
For festive occasions, we offer a beautiful selection of party dresses of a variety of styles.  For less formal settings, our collection includes a number of tunic tops, tanks, and leggings that are easy to coordinate with casual dresses.  And for beach time fun in the sun, we offer a number of swimwear styles and prints.
However it’s the designer’s attention to detail and use of vibrant styles that really sets Les Tout Petit apart.  It is little touches like patent leather trim, silver studs, and crocheted lace that make these designer styles so unique.  And designs like pink sherbet cheetah print and teal marble behind houndstooth print make these classically chic styles one of a kind.  It is no wonder that celebrities choose this designer for their children.
At Star Spangled Carousel, we have featured only the most unique and trendy garments from this designer to make it easier to choose the very best.  One this is sure though.  With Les Tout Petit, your little girl will not only feel like a star.  She will be dressed like one too.

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Toy Videos: Develop Creativity in Your Child

Develop the creativity in your child right from his childhood age. Animation video production houses  make different type of animated video such as learn and craft video, animal video,  puzzle games, toy videos etc. you can find 3D-animation video series for kids 2-3 years of age. Creative directors provide lots of educational videos for toddlers as toy videos.

You can use videos as your own language at the time of teaching your kid. As Parents you should watch this video with kids so that you can tell them basic concepts of learning. You can discuss the shape, size and color of the characters. For older children (school going children) you can tell them about social norms, safety rules and different type of emotions by this animated videos. 

The toy videos help your kid to explore his games such as building blocks, cars, laptop toy, mobile toy, dolls and their accessories. With help of this video your kid himself tries to make or explore his game series. For building blocks he can learn how to joint those blocks and make new designs.  For car game or remote sensing game he can learn how to use remote of the car or toy. He can select start/stop button and various type turning features of toy.  

Laptop toy is one of the best toys for 2-5 year old kids. With help of toy videos he can easily understand how to use laptop. By pressing different buttons he will understand its use and find laptop more interesting.

Animal videos help them to recognize different type of animals and their sounds. Puzzle games provide him/her good logical skills. He can make his own tactics and use them to complete the game. Mathematical videos help him to be friendlier with numbers. From video he can learn basic mathematics such as addition, subtraction, division and multiplication. Video helps him to memorize the numbers and alphabets. He can recognize different fruits and flowers. 

Science and geography considered as the difficult subjects. Toy video provides demography of river, ocean, mountain, forest and land. So he can grasp them quickly.  The robot or doll type of toy video makes him to use their different type of accessories and features.  

Toy videos teach toddlers new vocabulary words. And provide melodious songs-for-kids series so they can easily memorize new rhymes. Tutitu is also perfect for older children (3-5 year age group of children), who can learn new English words. By different language videos they can learn new languages easily. They create video with fresh and original sing-along songs with original lyrics and melodious tune. 

We considered ourselves as parents while making TuTiTu videos. We understand the needs and tastes of toddlers. Our main aim is to provide caregivers and educators of preschool children with educational activities, resources and articles for everyday fun with the kids. We encourage others to use our videos as an educational teaching tool. To watch toy videos you can visit