Sunday, June 29, 2014

Toy Videos: Develop Creativity in Your Child

Develop the creativity in your child right from his childhood age. Animation video production houses  make different type of animated video such as learn and craft video, animal video,  puzzle games, toy videos etc. you can find 3D-animation video series for kids 2-3 years of age. Creative directors provide lots of educational videos for toddlers as toy videos.

You can use videos as your own language at the time of teaching your kid. As Parents you should watch this video with kids so that you can tell them basic concepts of learning. You can discuss the shape, size and color of the characters. For older children (school going children) you can tell them about social norms, safety rules and different type of emotions by this animated videos. 

The toy videos help your kid to explore his games such as building blocks, cars, laptop toy, mobile toy, dolls and their accessories. With help of this video your kid himself tries to make or explore his game series. For building blocks he can learn how to joint those blocks and make new designs.  For car game or remote sensing game he can learn how to use remote of the car or toy. He can select start/stop button and various type turning features of toy.  

Laptop toy is one of the best toys for 2-5 year old kids. With help of toy videos he can easily understand how to use laptop. By pressing different buttons he will understand its use and find laptop more interesting.

Animal videos help them to recognize different type of animals and their sounds. Puzzle games provide him/her good logical skills. He can make his own tactics and use them to complete the game. Mathematical videos help him to be friendlier with numbers. From video he can learn basic mathematics such as addition, subtraction, division and multiplication. Video helps him to memorize the numbers and alphabets. He can recognize different fruits and flowers. 

Science and geography considered as the difficult subjects. Toy video provides demography of river, ocean, mountain, forest and land. So he can grasp them quickly.  The robot or doll type of toy video makes him to use their different type of accessories and features.  

Toy videos teach toddlers new vocabulary words. And provide melodious songs-for-kids series so they can easily memorize new rhymes. Tutitu is also perfect for older children (3-5 year age group of children), who can learn new English words. By different language videos they can learn new languages easily. They create video with fresh and original sing-along songs with original lyrics and melodious tune. 

We considered ourselves as parents while making TuTiTu videos. We understand the needs and tastes of toddlers. Our main aim is to provide caregivers and educators of preschool children with educational activities, resources and articles for everyday fun with the kids. We encourage others to use our videos as an educational teaching tool. To watch toy videos you can visit

Thursday, March 20, 2014

How to Make Sure That Your Kids Have a Great Holiday With a Budget

The School holidays bring with them mixed emotions from parents, on one hand they are delighted to be spending quality time with their  children and on the other hand they are under pressure to make sure that the holiday time is great fun and memorable.
Here is a list of ideas that will suit a variety of budgets and ages:-
Visit the Local Playground
Where ever you live, be it country or city there is always a playground nearby.  The walk to the playground can be an adventure in itself or an opportunity to speed along on a shiny scooter or bike.  It doesn’t matter if your child is a toddler or a bit older they will both enjoy the fresh air and the opportunity to play with other children, as well as challenging themselves on the playground equipment.  You also get the opportunity to chat to other parents and everyone has a lovely time.
A Day at the Beach
Even when it is a little bit chilly children seem to find the beach so exciting that they are prepared to build sandcastles, even at early spring temperatures.  Wrap everybody up warm if it is cold and embark on a seaside adventure.  Children relish the freedom they have from cars and boundaries and thoroughly enjoy the opportunity to interact with other children.  In warmer weather you will find that you will be able to spend virtually the whole day at the beach for the cost of a picnic and ice creams all round.
Visit a Museum
With a little research you can find out which museums are very children friendly and have playground equipment as well.  Children will enjoy looking at the exhibits and asking questions about the history behind them; particularly if it is related to a topic that excites them.  Some museums give children the opportunity to dress up in costumes and participate in role play activities such as; a Victorian school room.  The cost of visiting a museum can vary from free to having to pay an entrance fee.
A Crafty Day in Doors
When the rain is pouring and it is too horrible to go outside, it is a wonderful opportunity to spend time with your children making a variety of objects.  You can choose to be completely heuristic in your approach and make robots, machines, in fact anything from bits and pieces in your recycling box.  You can purchase craft kits online if you would rather be more structured and produce longer lasting creations, don’t be surprised if your child finds an alternative way of putting even the most prescribed craft items together.  Children will thoroughly enjoy the time you spend helping them make their machine and talking to you.
When you start thinking of ways to entertain your children you will discover that the list is endless and you will be surprised at how easy it is to bring a smile to your child’s face.

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Everyone is a Big Kid When they See Adventure Playground Equipment

When I was a teacher I used to love school trips, not because it meant a day out of school and was a day off.  Believe me twenty five children with hands like octopuses and bouncing around like baby goats is not relaxing, even with enthusiastic parent helpers!  I particularly enjoyed the trips where we would go walking or canoeing and then end the day in an adventure playground.
Active Children
Spending time out of school with your class is somewhat liberating because you are still teaching them and making sure that they are safe but using play and can tell them about nature and things that just crop up without having to include it in your copious amounts of planning.  Walking up a mountain really shows children’s stamina and true strength. On a trip to the Brecon Beacons with my class from Dagenham it was very interesting to see the loud cocky boys finding the height of the hills overwhelming and scary, holding on to me for dear life, while the quieter unassuming children moved along the fells like mountain goats.  Without the restraints of the classroom walls were able to be ourselves and share this wonderful outdoor experience equally.
Adventure Playground
So far I have painted a Mary Poppins picture of school trips, when in fact these are only the edited highlights. Children are wonderful when they are occupied and busy and tend to not cause chaos when they are eating or sleeping.  But when there is any room for manoeuvre your role goes from being one of pastoral carer and educator to referee and high court judge.  The easiest way to overcome this is by letting the children loose in an adventure playground because adventure playground equipment is both exciting and safe.  As soon as I see an adventure playground the child inside me leaps out and I am delighted to be able to ignore the age restriction and join the children in a liberating experience.

Zip Wire
In every good adventure playground there is always a zip wire to go on and most of the children and teachers will spend most of their time queuing up to feel the wind blowing through the air and  experience the nearest thing to flying they will have on the trip.  The zip wires in adventure playgrounds tend to be very small and manual so that they can be used safely by children without the help of an adult.  I hasten to add that I was not helping the children use the zip wire – I was just waiting for my turn and hopefully earning some popularity points along the way!
The equipment pictured in this article is available from where you will be able to find a huge range of adventure playground equipment to choose from.

Sunday, March 2, 2014

How Can You Calm Your Anxious Child?

Guest Article

Do you have a child that hates social situations, cries or clings when you need to leave, worries about things seemingly unimportant things, or suffers from headaches, stomach aches or panic attacks? It can be very hard as a parent to realize that they are suffering from anxiety and it can be even more difficult to know what to do about it.

The first thing you should do as a parent is find out more about child anxiety. Understand the potential signs and contact a mental health organization. Speak to a professional if you can. The more you know about anxiety the better equipped you will be to help your anxious child.

Talk to your child about what they are feeling but don't push them. Sometimes talking about the actual feelings can bring on more anxiety. But do let them know that anxiety is normal and that everyone experiences it at different points of their life. Let them know that as uncomfortable as anxiety can be, it won't happen. Ask them what the worst thing is they think could happen and show them that it won't.

Above all, don't let your child drop out of life because of feelings of anxiety. Instead, help them to deal with it. Instead of skipping the birthday party that they are anxious about, help them slow down and deal with their feelings. Perhaps you can stay as long as your child is interacting with others. Talk about the situations that they are worried about and help them role play them out together and come up with solutions for them. Remind your child that if he/she gets anxious it is ok and that the feeling will pass if they find something else to do.  And above all, give them praise when they have overcome a challenge.

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